PW&A LiveBid™ is conducted under the Helmsman Auction System.


You can bid online or alternatively phone bids via Brokers or direct to the PWA office are also accepted.


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To make a bid online you need to register first - see link below. 

Once your registration has been approved, you will be notified by the PW&A Ltd Office, and you will be able to place bids on the LiveBid website bidding page.


To place a bid, simply click BID next to the lot you want to bid on. This will open a prompt page, asking you to confirm your bid on a particular Lot number. 

Once your bid has been made, your Buyer number will show up against the Lot number as the leading bid.  

Keep an eye on the Buyer numbers, so that you can see if you are leading the bid.

Once the Reserve Price has been reached, the bid value will change from red to green.


You can continue to bid on any of the Lots in the auction while the auction is still open.

The auctioneers livestream commentary will begin approximately 30 minutes before the auction is scheduled to close.

Approximately 5 mins before the auction is scheduled to close, the auctioneers will signal that there is 5 mins remaining to place bids.


Approximately 2 mins before the auction is scheduled to close, auctioneers will ask for any final bids.

Should there be no further bidding the auctioneers will close the auction.

However, each time there is a further bid the auction will remain open for a further 1 min to allow underbidders to respond.

The auction will be closed when no further bids are received within the last minute.

Once the auctioneers have closed the sale, no further bids will be accepted.

Successful buyers will be contacted, confirming their purchases.


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